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Where are you from originally? -Israel

What have I been doing until now?  -For the last eight years I have been the Founder/CEO and Designer of Gita Omri and Omri Essentials. These luxury womenswear lines focused on Inclusive Sizing and promoting authentic body positivity.

What are your main strengths? - I am very organized. I love lists and charts and planners. I get excited at colored pens, and labels. Nothing is more satisfying to me than checking a box on a to do list. 

I would say I am adaptive. I am quick on my feet and can maneuver through most challenges with confidence. 

I am driven. I dream big and have big goals, and I back it up with my dedicated work ethic. 

Whats your favorite wine? -At the moment I would not say no to a nice Chianti 

What book are you reading at the moment? -I am currently going back and forth between The Language of Drawing and American Duchess: A Novel of Consuelo Vanderbilt

What achievement are you most proud of? -Something I am truly proud of is being selected as a fellow in 2018 for The Ariane De Rothschild Fellowship. It was such an eye opening humbling experience that has definitely changed me for the better and opened my eyes and heart to people who are different than I. 


If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be? -If I could master the language I would love to spend a year or two living in Prague. What an amazing city!

Are you a night owl or early bird? -Honestly I don't even know anymore. Becoming a mom definitely messes with your biological clock. Before Yoav arrived I would say that when I woke early I enjoyed it but in general I think I am more productive in the second half of the day. 

If you had friends coming for supper what would you cook? -I LOVE to cook, and I love to show off a bit. Whatever it would be it would be fancy and I would do whatever it takes to make it seem like it was effortless "oh this old thing, I just whipped it together..." 

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